One of the most frequently addressed issues is the balance between energy efficient construction, so-called “green” construction, and value. The most frequently used green construction devises Capron Construction utilizes are:

Solar Panels / Photovoltaic Panels
Spray Foam Insulation
Low E Windows / Low Emissivity Windows
Passive Solar Design

Each option carries a unique set of costs and benefits. For example, passive solar design generally involves minimal additional cost to a construction plan and is always incorporated into any construction plan. Conversely, a solar panel array may add $20,000 to your 30 year mortgage. However, after tax credits offset the initial layout, the remaining addition to your mortgage may add as little as $67 to your monthly mortgage. Energy production from such an array can save more than $67 per month on your energy bills, making your cumulative monthly payments go down. Similarly, spray foam insulation increases construction costs on an average home approximately $8,000, but tax credits offset much of that cost, and the need for substantially smaller air conditioning units represents a hidden offset not often considered.

In the end, the right choice for you must take into consideration your unique interests, location and finances. Let us form a plan that suits your particular needs.


At any time, we are on site throughout the greater Tulsa area. Let us meet you at one of our existing homes under construction, one of our unimproved lots, or at the office.