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Meet The Blogger!

Hello everyone. I’m Hal Capron, and this is my blog. As a first time blogger, I thought I would let you know a little bit about me for those of you tuning in to this site.

I am a home builder in South Tulsa, Bixby and Jenks, primarily. I have been in the real estate business for nearly 50 years. In that time, I have bought, sold, developed, constructed, re-constructed, financed, and re-financed all types of property, including residential, rural (farm and agricultural), and commercial real estate. I am currently President and CEO of Capron Construction, Inc. (sometimes just “CCI”), a company which builds high quality residential homes in the greater Tulsa area. CCI, as we call it, is a proud member of the Homebuilders Association of Greater Tulsa, and I personally am a licensed Realtor and Mortgage Broker. You can see more about Capron Construction, Inc. and me at www.capronconstruction.com, www.facebook.com, www.linkedin.com, or e-mail me directly at hal@capronconstruction.com.

I am new to blogging, so I intend to keep this informal. I always enjoy discussing the new home construction process, and I enjoy hearing from others about their experiences, their likes and their dislikes. I hope you will enjoy reading what we have to offer, and I hope you will feel free to jump into the conversation. If you have questions that you don’t want published for the whole world to see, don’t hesitate to run an idea by me more privately by email or just pick up the phone and call.