Green Construction

It’s not just for tree huggers and eccentric millionaires.  Call it “sustainable”, “green”, “efficient” or otherwise, but don’t call it crazy.  Green construction is here, is affordable, and makes all the sense in the world – even if only considered from a financial perspective.

First, understand that going “green” contemplates far more than just wind turbines and photovoltaic solar panels.  Passive solar design, for example, is a wide variety of construction concepts which tend to minimize energy costs, often with little additional investment in the construction process.  Spray foam insulation, while representing a significant cost, can increase the R-value of your home with additional costs that are offset by potential tax benefits, lower monthly utility costs (for the life of your home), and lower material costs for HVAC.  Low-E (or low emissivity) windows are so common and affordable now that that few quality builders fail to make such windows a standard for installation.  There is a lot to the “green” concept that you might not know about.

Second, understand, as we do, that going green must be tailored to each individual construction project, and each individual buyer.  Factors such as cost, anticipated time to own a home, and restrictive covenants, among many others, play a role in the determination of which green concepts to incorporate into your particular project.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach to green construction.   The question is what concepts work best for your investment.

In short, don’t undertake any construction process without serious consideration of the costs and benefits of available green construction concepts.  These concepts make pure economic sense today – with utility rates relatively low.  Looking forward, as cap-and-trade and similar legislation looms on the horizon, the costs of energy will only go up, making your investment in any of these green concepts now grow over time (along with the value of your home).

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