The Home of the Future is Here!

Though we have not reached the level of living like the Jetsons (from the futuristic 1980s cartoon), total home automation is a thing of the present, not the future. Today’s technology is mind boggling – at least to those of us who grew up using telephones with cords. More importantly, its affordable – especially if added to a home during the construction phase.

Home automation can be as simple as cell phone control of thermostats and lights, and as complex as total automation of locks, lights, video, data, and outdoor entertainment. See what is offered by local Blue Speed AV at, or go by the offices of the Homebuilder’s Association of Greater Tulsa for a full scale demonstration of what Blue Speed AV can do. Be careful though, once you see what’s available, you are going to want it.

Home automation is cool. There is no way of avoiding the wow factor that comes from the range of technologies available. While prudent home buyers may not be interested in investing in cool just for the sake of cool (or just to keep up with the Joneses), having automation increases the value of your home and, when you plan to move, that same cool factor will set your home apart from the rest, tending to both increase your home’s value and to allow you to sell it faster than otherwise. The chances are, if you look to sell your home in the next 5 to 10 years, not having home automation may make your home look like a relic when you list it.

Home automation is convenient. You will never get locked out again if you can let yourself in from any smart phone or computer, or with the touch of your thumb. You will never have to worry about leaving the lights on while away, or you can turn them on and off while away to deter burglars and other criminals. A simple outdoor camera set up does not infringe upon indoor privacy, but does allow you to always know if your package has been delivered, who is at the door, or if the kids next door are having a party in your pool while you’re away. Throw away your remote controls and forget about bulky DVR/blueray/cable box/stereo components (with all of their wires) in every room – home automation allows a greater degree of functionality from a single set of equipment all hidden from view and controlled anywhere you want with an app on your smart phone.

If cool and convenient does not convince you, home automation is “green.” A home that “knows” to set the thermostats for efficiency while you are away and to change to a comfort setting just before you return saves energy and money every day. A home that turns off lights in rooms not being used and which never leaves the porch light on all day saves energy and money every day. A home which automatically closes blinds while no one is home during harsh summer days saves energy and money every day. A home which distributes video, audio and internet from a single location, using a central server minimizes equipment space, equipment acquisition costs and operating costs every day. While the savings from any one of these technologies might be relatively small, the cumulative savings from only a few of these technologies adds up over time, shifting the financial analysis in favor of automation.

All of these smart technologies are here and are affordable. For obvious reasons, home automation should be addressed before the walls go up, not after. Home automation is distinctly personal to homeowners, meaning that homebuilders rarely can incorporate a full range of such options in a home before it is under contract. Until buyers apply their own preferences to a project, it is unrealistic for a homebuilder to guess what the future buyer will want. That’s why Capron Construction pushes for buyers to get involved in the construction process as a custom home, or, if interested in a project already under construction, contact us as soon as possible (i.e. before the walls go up). For a relatively small addition to a buyer’s monthly mortgage, a new home can add massive wow factor, total comfort, energy savings, and, for the nomads among us, maximum resale value.

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