Curb Appeal, Curb Appeal, Curb Appeal

The value of real estate is undoubtedly reliant upon the old axiom, location, location, location. Though it is difficult to quantify precisely how important, and though the importance is different among individual home owners, an often overlooked but undoubtedly important factor in valuing a home, is curb appeal, curb appeal, curb appeal.

Whether searching for a new home or designing a custom home, the focus tends to be on the neighborhood, comparable sales, calculation of square footage, number of bedrooms, etc. Landscape design is difficult to evaluate from a listing on MLS or Craigslist, but should always be considered. Quality landscaping provides a number of benefits.

First, the curb appeal is the first impression. Whether considered from the perspective of buyers, homeowners, or otherwise, first impressions are important. A quality first impression makes for a stronger sale, a positive addition to a neighborhood, and a greater pride of ownership. Second, well-designed landscaping can have a significant impact on energy efficiency, meaning that landscaping can and should be part of any overall “green” construction plan. Selection and placement of trees and other shrubbery can have a significant impact on direct sunlight, wind break and water consumption. Water consumption is a premium consideration in municipalities like Bixby and Jenks, where water costs are higher than neighboring South Tulsa. Third, landscaping impacts the long term maintenance obligation of a homeowner. The size and placement of bedding impacts the amount of lawn which much be mowed, but comes with an offset maintenance obligation. That maintenance obligation is determined largely by the choice of plants used for filling those beds.

In short, like most construction concepts, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Consideration of curb appeal and landscaping is an often underestimated concept that should be given serious thought, whether for new home construction or remodeling. The Remodel & Landscape Show at the Cox Business Center this weekend was a welcomed reminder of the importance of landscaping, as well as a refreshing presentation of the newest and best options available for landscaping. For further and more specific thoughts on your landscaping issues, give us a call or send us an email.

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